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Aviators By Design announces FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN FOR Aviation Explorer Post 9868 TO COMPLETE a Zenith STOL CH 750 kit aircraft

Nonprofit organization seeks funds to complete the Zenith STOL CH750 building project that was started last year at AirVenture 2012.

July (DATE), 2012 – Aviators By Design proudly announces the kick off of its “Soar Like an Eagle” fundraising campaign.

The “Soar Like an Eagle” campaign will be using Indiegogo crowd funding format for its $44,000 goal. These funds will be used to complete the construction of the Zenith STOL (short takeoff or landing) CH 750 airplane kit which was started last summer in the Homebuilders Hangar at AirVenture in Oshkosh.

The social network will get the word out and direct donors to go to Indiegogo.com and find the “Soar Like an Eagle” campaign for details. There are many levels of contributions with some very nice perks to be given away at different donor levels.


  • Zenith STOL CH 750 DVD

  • Patch (specially designed for Aviators By Design)

  • Signed picture of finished airplane by the kids

  • Lunch at Central County Airport (68C)

  • Zenith 25th Anniversary T-shirt and Zenith hat

  • Your signature/name of yourself (you may donate in the name of a loved one as an enduring memorial) on a permanent aluminum display at our hangar and in our airplane and a Zenith hat

  • Custom made Zenith note book made by the students and Zenith 25th Anniversary T-shirt and Zenith hat

  • A version of X-Plane flight simulator and “Fly To Learn” program for a school of your choice

  • A flight in “Soaring Eagle”

  • Live like James Bond! One donor will receive a beautiful, fully restored 1973 Classic Glastron GT-160 which is the same model of boat that James Bond used to jump over the sheriffs car in “Live and Let Die”. It still holds the record for the longest water-to-water over land jump!

Just go to Indiegogo.com to search the “Soar Like an Eagle” campaign.

Since AirVenture 2012, the plane has been moved from Oshkosh to its current home at Central County Airport (68C). The students have made continued progress and the young adult work force has actually more than doubled in the number of individuals currently working on the project. Students from 5 different high schools now meet every two weeks on a Tuesday evening. You can see the progress on our Aviators By Design Facebook page. We invite you to also watch the time lapse video of last years construction of the fuselage at AirVenture at aviatorsbydesign.com.

What is needed now are the funds to complete the airplane. We need the finishing kit, the firewall forward kit, the engine, and the instrument panel.

The finishing kit gets the airplane on its “feet”. It includes the items to complete the aircraft (including the spring gear, wheels with hydraulic disk brakes, the formed windshield, “swing-up” clear bubble doors, seats and seat belts, electric flaps and trim motors, hardware, and more). 

To promote safety, we are installing the UL Power UL350iS. As you may know the majority of engine failures are due to fuel mismanagement. Today’s novice aviators have not grown up with a choke or a mixture control, so we take that safety issue out of the equation by using the FADEC UL Power engine.

Also to excite today’s youth, we hope to structure our instrument panel around 2 I-Pads. This technology is what they are used to, so the transition will be effective as they learn.

Our project airplane is intended for the students to build it, learn to fly it, and then have it accessible for them to cooperatively fly and maintain like a club plane.

Aviators By Design is building this program as a model so that it can be followed anywhere.

It is for the youth of today and of the future. We really appreciate your support – Please help us “Soar Like an Eagle!!

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